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Flint has great stories to tell

Our mission, through stories, photos and video is to share the lives of those living in poverty. We hope to respect, listen, retell and help improve the lives of those we connect with.

Hearing someone’s story puts you into their lives for a short time. Understanding their story, taking the time to appreciate it and learning from it makes you part of their life. And they also become part of yours. That is what this blog is about.
You encounter many people everyday that earn only a second of your time, maybe less. But the community around you is more than just a passing glance. We have had the privilege and honor of meeting people on the streets of Flint, many whom we now call friends. The hope is that this blog not only brings you their stories, but invites you to meet people you now see as strangers and share a piece of yourselves.
Flint, its streets and the areas around it have a great story to tell. And we want to share it.

We hope to post stories on a regular basis and learn more about Flint and the community ourselves as we go.
Feel free to share this blog with the people you know and let us know what you think.

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