Now it’s your turn.

Our goal has been to share the stories of those who make up the heart of Flint but now we want you to join us. This is a call to action. This is your turn to listen. We are asking our readers to take the initiative and get out there. We will feature as many stories as we can.

Remember, there is power in a story. Listening to a story can bring healing, hope, understanding and most of all builds a relationship. By asking to hear someone’s story you never know how that can impact their day, their life.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Meet someone you do not know, someone who has experienced life in a different way than you have.
  • Ask them if you can listen to their story.
  • You can write down their story, record it (ask them if that is ok) memorize it, anything to can think of.
  • Relate, share some of your story with them.
  • Bring a friend. We suggest that this is a team effort, don’t go alone.
  • Type out the story and send it to us at

Our hope is that this builds friendships, something that lasts. Everyone has a story, we are listening.

Everyone has a story

2 thoughts on “Now it’s your turn.

  1. steve gibson says:

    Very cool stuff Sarah! We all need to do this more often and with intention! Keep up the great work! Steve

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